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Pixel art by: Captainhabit

Decking out our favourite superheros in pretty pink costumes, Marvel Entertainment teams with the Susan G. Komen For The Cure group during October to commemorate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The variants feature new, exclusive to the US, Canada and UK, variant covers of their most popular titles, including a one page advertorial aimed at raising awareness of breast cancer in men.

Included in these titles are:

- Invincible Iron Man #526 KOMEN VARIANT - Paul Renaud

- The Mighty Thor #21 KOMEN VARIANT - Mike Perkins & Sonia Oback

- Uncanny X-men #20 KOMEN VARIANT - David Marquez & Chris Sotomayor

- Avengers - #31 KOMEN VARIANT - Pasqual Ferry & Chris Sotomayor

- Captain America #18 KOMEN VARIANT - Dale Keown & Frank D’Armata

- Captain Marvel #5 KOMEN VARIANT - Joe Quiñones

- Fantastic Four #611 KOMEN VARIANT - John Tyler Christopher

Read more about Marvel’s involvement here!

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