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Artist: Alex Garner

So glad to find out the artist on these, some I’ve seen some I haven’t BUT I LOVE THEM ALL.

Husband and wife team Meredith and David Finch have not yet taken over DC’s Wonder Woman title, but already they’ve made headlines for an awkward interview. At San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, TMS Editor-in-Chief Jill Pantozzi gave them the opportunity to elaborate on what they meant, and on what changes we can expect to see when they take over for Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chang in November.

The Mary Sue: Should we get the hard one out of the way first? Is Wonder Woman a feminist?

David Finch: Wonder Woman is a feminist icon and it’s an incredibly important aspect to her character. I absolutely regret the way that my words came out and it doesn’t reflect at all how I feel.


Here’s Your First Look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

The DC Movie Panel is going on in Hall H at SDCC and on-stage are Affleck, Carvill and Gadot. And they just showed this image. Are those heels on the boots? Close to the Chiang look but not exact. What do you think? 




And people wonder why I love Wonder Woman so much.


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Wonder Woman #33 // Joshua Middleton

Women of Dc Comics // Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez



No but hear me out.

Laverne Cox as Wonder Woman


you called? (x|x)

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Superman/Wonder Woman #10 // Karl Kerschi

Wonder Woman #32 // Ant Lucia

Superman/Wonder Woman #9 // Ant Lucia




Gail Simone is on a tear on twitter this morning.

I said some stuff.

I think I’m in love with Gail Simone…(I also just bought her Wonder Woman run, starting with The Circle. So that’s exciting.)

To which god must I thank for this woman!?

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Wonder Woman is next door to me today o.O

Wonder Woman is next door to me today o.O


Just a little Wonder Woman being awesome and not at tricky

It was announced today that Constantine and The Flash join Gotham with series pick ups for fall. The good news is that there was a female led show iZombie also got picked up.

Let’s hope DCE can figure out how to make Wonder Woman work on the small screen while the figure out to make her more viable for her own movie on the big screen.